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Introduce yourselves here
by dourar16 at 24-9-2016 14:16
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(Today: 14)Newbie Reports
Post all Nookie Newbie reports here
(Today: 1)Hong Kong - Hotel Walk-in
Reports of Hong Kong hotel reservation girls only
(Today: 1)Hong Kong - 141 Walk-up
Reports of Hong Kong 141 walk-up girls only
Laura C @ SSP
by 101 at 25-9-2016 00:12
(Today: 1)Hong Kong - Sauna
Reports of Hong Kong sauna only
Private conversation
Hong Kong - Free-lancers
Reports of Hong Kong bar-girls, social media free lancers & others
Vale - Red Lips Bar
by JJJ37 at 16-9-2016 21:45
Reports of the Macau scene only
Darling 1 - #328
by James771 at 24-9-2016 10:23
Mainland China
Reports of the Mainland China scene only
(Today: 1)Rest of the World
Reports of the International scene only
[Austria][Vienna] a few reports
by TheButler at 25-9-2016 07:04
(Today: 4)Restricted Access Reports
Special reports by Lustful Lord or above only
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(Today: 7)Mongering Talk
Post all your mongering Q&A, intel and discussions here
1 week in Macau/HK how to split
by stinkyfeet at 25-9-2016 12:53
CBJ or BBBJ (Cap or No Cap)?
by eagerpleaser at 18-9-2016 14:32
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Guy version for 141?
by kaka at 20-9-2016 16:44
Rubbish Dump
All rubbish threads will be dumped here~!
Discovery Bay
by twiceAweek at 19-9-2016 16:26
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Hong Kong - Hotel Walk-in
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Hong Kong - 141 Walk-up
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Hong Kong - Sauna
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Hong Kong - Free-lancers
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Mainland China
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Rest of the World
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Restricted Access Reports
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