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NY Zhu Ge Zi Qi #A60890 In TST
by bohica at 21-11-2017 01:15
(Today: 2)Hong Kong - Hotel Walk-in
Reports of Hong Kong hotel reservation girls only
NY GaojunXi
by acerbe at 21-11-2017 12:39
(Today: 2)Hong Kong - 141 Walk-up
Reports of Hong Kong 141 walk-up girls only
My Darling Russian Babe Irina at Fuji
by Nelson88 at 21-11-2017 00:55
(Today: 3)Hong Kong - Sauna
Reports of Hong Kong sauna only
Sea Crest Sauna Wanchai
by BootBoot at 21-11-2017 10:42
Hong Kong - Free-lancers
Reports of Hong Kong bar-girls, social media free lancers & others
Reports of the Macau scene only
(Today: 3)Mainland China
Reports of the Mainland China scene only
by ecean88 at 21-11-2017 13:31
(Today: 2)Rest of the World
Reports of the International scene only
[Philippines] [Manila] Zelda (ManilaCourtesans)
by cbreezyboy at 21-11-2017 11:15
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Deep throat
by ryuen86 at 21-11-2017 09:53
San Francisco Guide
by dan_168 at 18-11-2017 17:20
Punting & Mongering - why???
by soundwave at 14-11-2017 23:07
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Sounds like a good deal to BKK
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Shaved or not?
by xxykw at 8-10-2017 17:57
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Hong Kong - Hotel Walk-in
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Hong Kong - 141 Walk-up
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Hong Kong - Sauna
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Hong Kong - Free-lancers
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Mainland China
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(Today: 5)Rest of the World
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