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 3 wishes

11-December 08:30#1 atomic3d 
A guy who has just gone through a bitter divorce is walking along a beach. He spots an old lamp, rubs it, and a genie comes out. The genie thanks him for freeing him from the lamp. He tells him that he will grant him any 3 wishes he wants, but warns him that for each wish that is granted, the guy's ex-wife will get double.

The guy then asks for a billion dollars in cash. The genie waves his hands and sure enough, a billion dollars in cash appears right in front of him. Just then, he hears his ex-wife screaming with delight a little way down the beach and sees that she has gotten two billion dollars.

The guy then asks for a huge mansion to live in, and this is immediately granted. Then he hears his ex-wife screaming with the delight, and sure enough, he sees that she has been given a mansion twice as large as his. The genie then tells him that he has one wish left.

Then the guy says,"OK, here's my last wish. I'd like to be beaten half to death."